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    FMPA 15 required to download Java 6 yesterday


      I use the ETS version of FMP 15 since the very beginning and did not have many issues during that time.


      yesterday FMPA 15 refused to start and a dialog told me that Java 6 is required for using it.

      After installing Java 6 from the Apple-Lion-Site FMPA 15 did work again.


      I now have only 1 new issue:


      I am not able to upload a database to the FMServer (15)

      after choosing the server in the share menu the fields for username and password appear but I am not able to enter these fields.

      So I am not able to log in to the server.


      After I failed with FMPA 15 I tried the same with FMPA 14 without a problem.