FileMaker Developer Challenge: Looking for 6 more people

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Hi all,


I'm happy to report that we have 66 contestants and I've begun to put together the 4-person teams. However, to balance everything out, we're hoping that 6 more DevCon attendees will join us:


  • 2 more contestants to complete a team helping Foster Kinship
  • 4 more contestants to form a team helping The Gay and Lesbian Community Center


If you've been on the fence, please think about jumping in. It would be great to include you!






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Last year, we heard from many DevCon attendees that they wanted a way to make a difference in the local community where DevCon was taking place. So this year we're announcing the FileMaker Developer Challenge: Custom Apps for Community.


Throughout DevCon, small teams will compete to develop custom apps for three Las Vegas nonprofits:



IMPORTANT for those who are still thinking about this, we'd like to share three important changes:


  • The specs for the apps will be provided one week before DevCon starts to provide more development time.
  • You can rank the three nonprofits in your order of preference, so that we can match you up with a nonprofit you support.
  • You can ask to work with someone specific, and we'll attempt to pair you up on a team.


We figure that each prototype needs at least 10 hours of development time, so a team of 3 people will need to put in around 3-4 hours each. The working prototypes are due at 9am on Thursday July 21. All that day, a team of judges will evaluate the apps, and finally the winning teams will be honored at the Closing Session on Thursday afternoon.


If you're coming to DevCon this year, please consider participating!


Watch our video interview >


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