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Authentication Failed

Question asked by rray on Jun 15, 2016

We had a developer add some buttons to our layout. It is connected with some other files. However now, when I put info into any of the fields, then click out of it, it gives "Authentication Error." No other explanation or anything. You click ok and all seems well until you make another change and you get the same error. This does not appear on the admin console or anything. It seems to not hinder anything except having to click ok after you enter something in every single field.


I have tried editing the script to run with full permissions and that didn't help. I have full access and it gives me the error as well as all other users. I am not sure if something got changed that I am not aware of or what.


ALSO, this only happens with new records, not the ones that were in there already.


Our company has been using this database for about 3 years now.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!