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Error 100 while Running import script from scheduler (FMS15)

Question asked by ChrisC_3 on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by Magnus Fransson


I've run into some issues with launching an import script from the FMS15 Scheduler.

I've got both the FMS15 and FMProA15 installed on the same machine. When running the script from FMProA15 on that machine, the script works as intended. However, trying to run the script from the admin console Scheduler returns error 100 (file not found, according to documentation)

The file is currently located on an external shared drive (though FMProA has no problems accessing it), I've already tried moving the file on the same drive as FMS and FMProA with the exact same results (imports when running script from FMProA15, returns error 100 from FMS15 Scheduler).

This is rather frustrating since I have to launch all import scripts manually until the issue is resolved.