Import Records from Folder

Discussion created by TKnTexas on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by brucewilson

I am managing my scanned invoice PDFs with FileMaker Pro.  I scan each invoice to a folder called APInvoices.  I have the setting saved on my scanner.  A few times during the week I import the content of the folder into container fields, creating new records for each.  After the import I move the PDFs to a folder called \SCANNED which is under \APInvoices. 


My problem is that since I import the PDFs into the file, it is getting large.  But my understanding is that if I imported the reference to the PDFs, I could not change their location, i.e. moved to \SCANNED.  But if I do not move, then won't they get scanned each time?  I am so confused.


On a positive note, I have been doing this for about three months, and it has made my work so much better since I can see the invoices without going to the fileroom.  I have a script to export field content and create email.  Saved me several times.  I just need to resolve the file size issue.


What am I missing?