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2016-06-15 17:40:22 QUERY  : COPY query ( COPY public."Clients"(name,"createdAt","updatedAt",age,birthday,canreceivetxt,phone,dln,ssn,zip,scndcntctprsn,casetype,incidentImporting CSV derived from Filemaker into PostgreSQL Using PgAdmin III

Question asked by Joberlander on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by beverly

This is sort of a general question here, as I cannot provide the data I am trying to import. However, I have exported a csv file from Filemaker Pro Advanced 15 and I am trying to import it into PostgreSQL using PgAdmin III. When importing this infromation, the progress bar fills and I am presented the option to click done (I presume the import is done). However, after clicking "done" and looking in the table, none of the data "imported" is actually there. I am not sure why this is, I have looked many places and have also contacted FM. Does anyone here have any suggestions ? Here is the  log:  2016-06-15 17:40:22 QUERY  : COPY query ( COPY public."Clients"(name,"createdAt","updatedAt",age,birthday,canreceivetxt,phone,dln,ssn,zip,scndcntctprsn,casetype,incidentloc,dol,pdp,pr,incidentfcts,posncar,pdd,ymmov,advinfo,wtnsnfo,advtick,clitick,policy,adjstrnme,adjstrphne,adjstrfx,insclaimnum,advpol,advinsn,advinsp,trnsprtbprmdc,whtcmpny,medtrtmnt,prvdrs,doi,rltdclaims,wglss,source,notes,locov,dls,email,cai,advins,address,gender,scndrycntctprsonphone,scndryctnctprsnrel,inslimit,checksreceived,disbursement,clientinssettlesamnt,casefeepercent,advsettleamnt,"Casecost",lineitemfees,lastcall) FROM STDIN (FORMAT 'csv', DELIMITER ',', HEADER, QUOTE '"', ESCAPE '"', ENCODING 'UTF8')