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      Just about to do some experimenting to see if I can trigger invitations to complete a survey in Limesurvey from FileMaker and I thought it made sense to see if anyone here has done it before and if there is anything I need to watch out for.


      I expect to be using the excellent BaseElements plugin for http post calls.


      This will be in FMP14





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          Hi, Tim...just curious and was wondering a little more about what you are doing?   Is this anything other than sending the URL of the LimeSurvey to the user for completion?  Or are you using LimeSurvey tokens?   


          sounds intererising in any case...  

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            Hi ? - sorry, no name for me to see,


            The idea is to have the surveys created in Limesurvey but use FileMaker to create the tokens and trigger Limesurvey to send out the invitations as if done manually. The context is surveys on completed jobs.


            I have connected fine to limesurvey to get a sessionID, list surveys and list groups but am struggling to add participants. my JSON is correctly formed (according to JSON formatting) but either I am using the wrong api call or it is not in the form the api call expects.


            I will keep playing



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              Update for anyone following this - I have it working well.

              I would post more here, it is not complicated but there are some issues because the api returns some unexpected errors and non-errors, and there appear to be differences depending on the platform LimeSurvey is hosted on.


              Happy to be connected backchannel to discuss in more detail or help


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                We do this with Qualtrecs--another survey site and did not use a plug in. I was able to create the needed API calls and send them via Insert From URL.

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                  Dear TimAnderson

                  Super Interesting. I am now dreaming of the possibilities, but as a newbie could do with a walkthrough or pointers at least.

                  Can you please post a tutorial, write-up or youtube video please and post the URL here? That way we could consult it when we might need it or find it by searching.


                  Thank you!