Could Strange Data Behavior Be Network Problems?

Discussion created by hickam on Jun 16, 2016
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I have two problems that can not be repeated and that happened across two days. These problems either no longer exist or are VERY obscure and occur rarely!


1. In this problem date fields were populated between one record and another when the database has no scripting, auto enter updates, etc. that should update those date fields. A user updated date fields in record 1, navigated to record 2 and saw the same dates.

This happened twice in one day and one other time. There are tens of thousands of transactions like these with no problems.


The records are using the same customer so there is an indirect relationship but potential issues that could occur from this have been checked and double checked.


There is a small possibility that two users could have been updating the different records at the same time with the same dates. Dates are only changed when discussing the project with the customer and usually one person handles all projects for a given customer. So this would be extremely coincidental and the odds of it happening are astronomical.


2. On or around the same time period a straightforward sub-summary report displayed the same value in every line of the report.  It did this all day. Everything else looked accurate but the number field in the body part of the report displayed incorrectly and stepped and repeated throughout the entire report. The report now runs accurately with no changes to the schema. The data displayed in this report comes from an entirely different table and has no relationship to problem 1.


Though I have not entirely given up on scripting errors being the solution for problem 1, no scripting could account for problem 2. This leaves me with the following:

1. Damaged document

2. Some external problem like networking...

I understand that a damaged document could explain this and will recover the file when down time allows...

But, my real question is: could networking errors between client and server possibly explain these problems?