Restore database backup as a copy in FileMaker 12

Discussion created by troyp on Jun 16, 2016
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I am very new to FileMaker and I appreciate any help that you will be able to provide.


In FileMaker 12 Server we have a schedule running to take daily backups of our FileMaker databases. We would like to restore one of the backups as a copy of the database so we can test changes without working on the live database.


I have renamed the backup from Database.fmp12 to Database-Copy.fmp12 and I have uploaded the database via FileMaker Server. However, after uploading the database, the database is not shown within our list of databases in the Server app. FileMaker Server then crashes shortly after and I am unable to reopen the server app for a few minutes. When I am able  to reopen the Server app, Database-Copy.fmp12 is still not within our list of databases.


Am I doing this right?