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How to Ensure Unique Entries in a Join Table

Question asked by Razor on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2016 by jrenfrew

I currently have a join table and I need to be able to prevent multiple occurrences of the same information in the join table.  Lets say I have;


Table A

ID     Color

1     Red

2     Orange

3     Yellow


Table B

ID     Shape

1      Circle

2     Square

3     Triangle


In my join table I only want there to be one occurrence of a color and a shape i.e, Red Circle, Red Triangle, Orange Circle, etc.


Join Table
ID     Table A ID     Table B ID

1          1                   1

2          1                   3

3          2                   1


The only way I can think of preventing duplicates is to create a calculated field to concatenate Table A ID and Table B ID and in my validation have that set to unique values only. 


Join Table
ID     Table A ID     Table B ID     ComboID

1          1                   1                    11

2          1                   3                    31

3          2                   1                    21


Is this an acceptable method?  Is there a better or "right" way of doing this?