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Upgrade from Filemaker Pro 8.5

Question asked by mhollis on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by mikebeargie

Okay, I have finally bit the bullet…


My production machine, what I pretty much do everything on, is a Mac Pro from early 2009. At the time and for several years, it was the fastest computer that Apple made. I bought on the "bleeding edge," because it is cheaper in the long run. My last Mac lasted ten years. This one is going very strong after six.


Because of the expenses involved in purchasing a lot of software for my Mac, I stopped upgrading the operating system with Snow Leopard. Apple kept upgrading things, but I did not follow. I estimated that it would cost me around $1500 to upgrade the "free" operating system. This month, I made the decision to upgrade. I had been using Filemaker Pro 8.5. It did not print, but there was a workaround. If you told Filemaker Pro 8.5 to show you a print preview (actually a PDF), it would print from that, under Snow Leopard. I upgraded my Mac OS to the current El Capitan, or 10.11.5. Under El Capitan, Filemaker Pro 8.5 not only refused to print, pressing [Command]-P or choosing File>Print from the dialogue caused the application to immediately crash.


Time for an upgrade. I had not added this to what I would need to pay for, but Filemaker Pro is an application that I have recommended consistently to my clients for years. It is the only database application that works, every time for everybody. Searches are easy and it finds what you want it to find. I have a database for a business that goes back to before the 2008 market crash and then some. That database is essential. It is nothing special, pretty much a flat file database, but, as I said, it is essential.


Filemaker Pro 15 has not been out very long. I spoke to someone at the company to qualify my purchase and he told me that it would quickly import my old file and simply make a new file. Everything worked as I was told. And I also have the ability to print!


I want to thank the Filemaker engineers for their hard work. The application has more possibilities than 8.5 and it simply looks very clean and runs great. I am ready for the next ten years.