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    IOS : New Window Screen Flickers....

    Xavier van Buchem

      Any solution for this problem?


      When I have a script with -New Window or Go to Related record in New Window to perform some actions and then close the window again the screen flickers on iOS


      Freeze Window doesn't work...


      I'm using FM GO 15



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          The reason the screen flickers is because iOS is a single-window environment. The window will always occupy the entire screen space. As a result, tricks like creating as offscreen window don't translate well.


          You can either switch contexts with Freeze Window and Go to Layout (old school) or use something like Selector-Connector to avoid creating the extra window.





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            Xavier van Buchem

            Thanks Mike,


            I had a good look at the Selector-Connector and it is indeed a solution.

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              As you described earlier, I have a simple script:

              Freeze Window

              Go To Layout [Layout B]


              But there is still a screen flicker on my iPad.  There are no script triggers in use at all.  Is there anything else I should look for to give me a smooth transition from layout to layout?

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                In that case, I would look at what's going on when you go to that layout in terms of refresh. Unstored calculations, Conditional Formatting, Hide Object ... anything that resolves on window refresh. As soon as your script exits, it's going to perform a window refresh, so the flicker you're seeing is probably attributable to a little extra overhead on the target layout. I generally don't see the screen flicker otherwise.

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                  Yes, those are all things that should be considered.    After doing a little more work, I think I have it.   I was switching from a list layout to a form layout.  I adjusted the form layout to have a TOP NAVIGATION part instead of just body all the way to the top of the screen (this may not have actually had any effect on it), then I adjusted the bottom part of the body to stretch down into the BOTTOM NAVIGATION so the whole page is used rather than having some slack (creating some scroll bounce) and this seems to have smoothed out the change of layouts because I had noticed the black and white "flicker" was taking place at the bottom of the screen where there was extra room in the BODY part. 


                  Thank you so much for replying.