Markus Schneider

converting a .fp7 file to .fmp12 leaves to currupt files when hit 'cancel'

Discussion created by Markus Schneider on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by Markus Schneider

converting files from older versions to the current (V15) takes quite some time... If one click on 'cancel', the 'canceled' file will not be removed in every case -> resulting in corrupted files


- if one interrupts a conversion process, the file should be removed

- the conversion process should have a better interface

-- when actualizing index (takes forever), one should be able to say 'later, please'

--- if this is not possible for whatever reason, the process should stop and the file that was processed should be removed

--- since FM is quite not responsive during that process, one clicks 'cancel' a lot of times - can be a factor as well

---- if there is only one 'cancel' that makes sense, the 'cancel' button should no longer be active after one hits the thing once...

- it would bi nice to have more information during the conversion process, eg how much time it takes (app.)