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Connection Error for Only 1 Filemaker Remote User

Question asked by LeilaRegan on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by sifiso



I have only one employee who is receiving the attached error messages multiple times a day. The only thing I could think of is his computer goes to sleep, but I thought this was fixed in recent versions of Filemaker.


He is the only employee who is constantly begin alerted "Your record changes cannot be saved because this record was being modified by another user while you were disconnected - Revert Cancel." He's the only person working on these records because he is working on a contact record he created for his own test purposes. He then tells me cancel doesn't do anything so he has to click revert which deletes all of his most recent work. He tells me he Screenshots FileMaker every 10 minutes because this popup happens often enough.


Now he's receiving the popup "Communication with the host was interrupted, files with uncommitted changes in layouts or scripts will be closed and these changes will be lost do you want to try to reconnect other files? - Reconnect Close File(s)." I'm not having anyone else in the office with connection issues. What can I do to make it so this one connection stops disconnecting?



Thank You In Advance