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FMS Event ID 182 "FileMaker Server is going to sleep"

Question asked by DavidHollander on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by techt

My environment in 2015:

FileMaker Server 13v9 on a Mac mini (Late 2012) with OS X Mavericks 10.9.5


What happened:

  1. At the start of one workday in August 2015 no user could connect; FMS log reported an event ID 182 ("FileMaker Server is going to sleep. The entire cache will be flushed. All schedules will be suspended.") at 5:30 am. In many years of administering FMS I'd never seen that error, or ever heard of FMS going to sleep. All the Mac system preferences (Energy Saver, UPS, Screen Saver, etc.) had been set correctly for an FMS host machine to never sleep.
  2. Then all was fine for another six months: that same Mac mini had been upgraded to FMS 14v4 and OS 10.11.3 without problems; then two weeks later the same event 182 happened again in February 2016. Pressing the mini's power button "awoke" FMS and things seemed normal again.
  3. Then in May 2016 -- three months later -- the stock internal hard drive on this Mac mini failed and had to be replaced.


This made me wonder whether unseen problems with the hard drive might have had something to do with those two FMS "going to sleep" events. I couldn't find any discussion here about event 182 or sleep, so I thought I'd start one and add this observation.


Perhaps if you encounter event 182 and find that your FMS enters sleep, and all your system preferences/control panels are set properly to prevent that, you might want to suspect your hard drive and maybe proactively replace it.