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Can anyone help with a XSLT not working?

Question asked by ferkinx on Jun 19, 2016
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I 've no experience with importing XML into Filemaker, but have tried to make my first XSLT to import person-information from this URL:

I 'm only interested in some of the fields. When I run the import, the Filemaker file is created correctly with the defined fields, but the table is not filled with data. What 's wrong? My XSLT looks like this:


<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="">

  <xsl:template match="/">

  <FMPXMLRESULT xmlns="">


  <FIELD NAME="doedsdato" TYPE="DATE"/>

  <FIELD NAME="etternavn" TYPE="TEXT"/>

  <FIELD NAME="foedselsdato" TYPE="DATE"/>

  <FIELD NAME="fornavn" TYPE="TEXT"/>


  <FIELD NAME="kjoenn" TYPE="TEXT"/>



  <xsl:for-each select="/dagensrepresentant">



  <DATA><xsl:value-of select="dagensrepresentant/versjon/></DATA>



  <DATA><xsl:value-of select="dagensrepresentant/doedsdato/></DATA>



  <DATA><xsl:value-of select="dagensrepresentant/etternavn/></DATA>



  <DATA><xsl:value-of select="dagensrepresentant/foedselsdato/></DATA>



  <DATA><xsl:value-of select="dagensrepresentant/fornavn/></DATA>



  <DATA><xsl:value-of select="dagensrepresentant/id/></DATA>



  <DATA><xsl:value-of select="dagensrepresentant/kjoenn/></DATA>










Jørgen Ferkingstad