Using Value Lists with related records

Discussion created by sherab4 on Jun 17, 2016
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I have two files for Events e.g. Auctions, Film Night etc, the other is a Registrar which shows the attendees and their purchases, entry fees etc.

The Events file has a layout which lists any donated or acquired items for sale, these each are allotted an "Item Number" and each Event is a separate record with the related items in a portal.

The problem I have is the Item Numbers need to be related to the separate events when I select these in the Registrar file, because when I select an Item Number, the details for each item needs to autofill/populates the fields showing the info for this Item but be relevant for the particular event.


I tried selecting the show related records in the Value List of the Events file and showing the second field with the Event name, and this works fine. it gives the related numbers and name for each Event. But when I try this in the Registrar file no matter what I do I can't get the value list to show the related Item Numbers, it is just blank in the Registrar file.


Any help with this would be awesome.