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How to create a database which allows for searching within specific dates

Question asked by tcr on Jun 17, 2016
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We're a bit rusty with databases and we're struggling with creating the following - partly because of not knowing the terms we should be looking for in the manual!!


To over-simplify what we do, we sell 10 different types of apples, and we get paid for these apples every few months, and each month each type of apple is paid a different amount.


We've set up the fields so that each type of apple is a record, containing all of the information needed about its background, date, owners etc. We've then made a separate layout which contains part of this information, plus new fields for each payment (with each field being named per the invoice number, and the contents being the amount paid).


How do we assign dates to each of these payments so that we can search for payments within a specific date range? ie, May2014-June 2016, or 2015, or... We'd need to do this on a whim rather than having specific code pre made.


With this done, will we then be able to search for a sub category within these dates, ie green apples only?


Any links to help videos or pages in the manual would be great if it is something that is a bit too complicated to explain over the forum.


Many thanks,