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Question re: assets database

Question asked by tomeckerle on Jun 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by clayhendrix

I am creating a database of assets. There are 4 categories of assets: paintings, musical manuscripts, books and sculptures. While all assets share some characteristics, for example, creator and dimensions, each asset category also has a small number of unique characteristics like media and technique (oil on canvas,  pen and ink on paper etc.) for painting and key signature for music manuscripts. I would like to find a solution that will show all characteristics that are pertinent to each asset but not those unique characteristics that are only relevant to the other asset categories. I have created fields for all the characteristics both those that all assets share and those that are unique to each category. The type of work (4 asset categories) should trigger which specific unique characteristics (fields) are included (appear in the layout) and which are not but I don't know how to structure that distinction. Any suggestions would be most warmly appreciated.

Thanks very much,

Tom Eckerle.