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    Send mail and Outlook


      There seems to be long-standing problems for FM-Windows mailing via email client. Is anybody aware of a reliable fix or workaround?


      I'm wishing to use this to automate the sending of license info. Because it's got to be absolutely reliable I'm thinking of exporting the field to a file with instructions to the user to manually email the file to me. Really inefficient, but is there a near 100% reliable alternative?

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          The main issue is with using the wrong version of FMP with the wrong version of outlook, both need to be 32bit or both need to be 64bit.  


          I recommend using SMTP instead of the email client.   Send Mail

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            Thanks, I'd noticed the 32 vs 64bit problem.


            Query: Before I try, do you know whether I'm able to download/ keep both 32 and 64bit versions of FMAdvanced on the same license which happens to be on a W7 Parallels of a Mac?


            Problems: I'm not sure whether my users would:

            a) Know which Runtime to download because they'd be ignorant of the Outlook version and

            b) They'd probably also get lost inputting the SMTP info.


            I'd still be interested in the info though; it could be useful for the future.

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              FileMaker help...

              List of supported email clients for Sending Mail | FileMaker



              Ther eis the 32-bit/64-bit thign to bear in mind also

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                Schamblee gave what I would consider the correct answer:

                I recommend using SMTP instead of the email client.   Send Mail

                Use FileMakers build in script function to send via SMTP, and remember: It is also compatible with server (serverscript and perform script on server). By sending from server, you are sure to always send from the same network and with the same access to smtp servers etc.


                In my opinion the right way will be to have and Email Table with all sent emails (subject, body, recipient, cc, bcc, from etc.

                One record per new email to be sent. And also the housekeeping fields you are probably also using + the result/errors from sending the mail.


                Consider: Is FileMakers model with pure text messages and max one attachment enough. If not consider using SMTPit, MailIT or Monkey Bread Softwares plugins. They are also server compatible.


                Hope this is a help.

                Best regards



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                  Thanks. I've not problems with using SMTP, but I'm still concerned with expecting users to know their SMTP server name and, possibly, a port number other than the default '25'. Is there any way for filemaker script to do this?

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                    No, you put it in a script step


                    You can set variables for things like user name and password, reply-to, but the smtp options go in this dialogue box...Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 17.51.32.png

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                      Exactly, but as mentioned, there is little chance my users would know, let alone be able to look up their SMTP server ± port.


                      Does anyone know the required cmd.exe syntax to grab the SMTP server? I could put this into a 'Send Event' script then into a field that could be specified in the SMTP options. As for the port, I'd have to hope 25 would do.

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                        This would normally be coded into the script step that you are writing for them

                        And to be fair all it takes is for them to look in the accounts secrtion of their email client to find the information for you to put into there...


                        Of am I missing completely what you are doing?

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                          You can obtain the SMTP setting from the service provider.  You can search the internet or call them.

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                            The problem is that Users are buying a RunTime operating in Kiosk mode. The only interaction I really want if for them to pay for the license, press a license request button/script, then I return the license that the copy/paste into their RT to activate it.


                            So if it can't be automatic, I might as well just create a file of license info they manually email.


                            One of my original Qs: I've got FMA 14 64bit. Can I download the v14.06 32bit as well without mucking up the 64bit? I know I could just try it, but if it's a disaster........it would be too late.


                            I could then go back to using the client since replies to date suggest the 32 v 64bit versions are the main problem. But are there still likely to be exceptions and I should provide an info file for a manual email?

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                              Why not set up your own service, and put those details in??

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                                I'm probably missing the obvious, but what service would I be setting up?


                                Any answers as to whether on a single license I can download/ have both 32bit and 64bit FMA on the same (parallels) machine?

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                                  Ah the classic runtime issues.


                                  Well if the purpose of this exercise is to send you an email to do with a licence, why do you not just put in details of an SMTP service which is under your control? Not sure why this isn't already the method to use.

                                  All you need is then to get them to let you know what their email address is for you to reply. No one needs to do anything other than have the runtime connected to the internet.

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                                    Again, I may be missing something, but I'm a 'business from home', single operator, so I don't have an SMTP under my control aside from my own email address. Can I use that to send from the user to myself?


                                    The info package that will come with the email will have the user's email, so that bit's sorted.


                                    Are there situations where SMTP won't work??

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