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New installation of FM server15 is excruciatingly slow

Question asked by susanaprill on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by susanaprill

Just installed Filemaker Server 15 on a brand-new Windows 12 R2 server. FM Server has its own hyper-v drive, with the server software on c: and the databases and linked files on e: drive. The appropriate files are set up in database settings - folders.


From the server side it all looks fine, but from the (brand-new, just installed) Filmaker Pro 15 side, it is just barely creeping along.  It takes over five minutes and a lot of "(not responding)" messages for 1,000 text records to sort. The contents of container fields with a stored reference don't always show up. Even moving from record to record, or switching between layouts is excruciating.


Any suggestions?

Thanks for anything.