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Pick different material in portal

Question asked by andresen on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by karina

I have  an order table where I want to pick the material and also the width of the material. For example: Coated paper and that are ability in different width. (650 , 830, 930, 1030 and so on. (mm).


I have tried to get this material in same table, but it is lot of the same name, for example: Coated paper 650, Coated paper 830 and so on.


I would like to pick the type of paper and then the width of it. All done in the order layout.


It looks like this in relations: order----order_product-----product


It's in product I have all the material. I have tried to make a portal in Order layout and that works when I have material and width in same name, but I want to pic the material first and then the width. If I pic coated paper then I don't know the width I get if they are in same table/post.


If I do it the new way can I still get the in stock value for my status?