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    Windows 10 Home


      I know the official system requirements for FM15 Pro & FM15 Pro Advanced is Windows 10 Pro, but has anyone had trouble using Windows 10 Home?

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          Yes. I work on OS X but my client is working on Windows 10 and the RUN ONLY (exe) i created on my windows laptop (old one) does not work properly on his Windows 10 laptop. I am running windows 8 on my old Sony Vaio.


          So i installed filemaker v15 Pro Advanced on the client's laptop running windows 10 (my own Filemaker v15_PA windows license) to test it, and the same problems arose,


          The problem is that as soon as you move the mouse the screen grays out... Button and fields and others are blanked out by a kind of gray block. And this was the case in the EXE i made from the database, and this does not make me happy.


          I hope someone can react on this. I am a long-time FM user, and i have always been able to serve clients on Windows, and that i seem not to be able to do that anymore makes me stressed as you will understand. Why is this? Is it because of the changed UI in Windows 10?? Yeah, i want everyone to use Filemaker on OS X if they can, but i can't force anyone to do away with their Windows computer, simply because FM doesn't work in Windows 10 now can i?





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            Burnsy question was about Windows 10 Home Edition. 


            I don't know about issues with the home Edition, but I use Windows 10 Pro without any issues.


            Albert you never stated if it was Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home Edition. 


            Re: FileMaker Pro 15 and High-DPI Screen Problems in Windows

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              I have Windows 10 Home at home. It works fine.

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                you are totally right;. And i am not a big wndows user, so i didn't even

                think about that. It's the HOME edition. Any idea?? Would be great if you

                can help me..


                On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 7:39 PM, Joshua Ormond <noreply@filemaker.com>

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                  cheers. i don't know why this is happening. I read something about the

                  first update, and that that one really important. Perhaps my client didn't

                  update his home version yet. But lots of thanks for the answer. I am still

                  trying to find out why this laptop is not working. Perhaps it needs to be

                  reinstalled or something. Any ideas you may have are greatly appreciated.






                  On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 7:39 PM, Joshua Ormond <noreply@filemaker.com>

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                    I may have installed some additional software that could have affected the operation of FM15.


                    There are some core differences between Home and Pro.  It may simply be that Home doesn't include some features that FM requires to work ( certain patches and component items ). That difference can cripple business critical functions.


                    I will try and see if I can find an untouched install of Windows 10 Home to see if it works there.

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                      It doesn't quite match other reports, but just to be sure on that problem Windows 10 laptop, open the display control panel and make sure that it specifies 100% and not some other percentage. That might be the only change that you need to make to get FileMaker to display things correctly.

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                        Excellent. Thank u!



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                          Ok, will try this. Will get back to you if it works. You could be right because it looks like a display issue... moving the mouse and it 'draws' grey frames folowing the mouse? Weird rightm tx. Will try. 



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                            Sorry again, i am not such a bright Windows 10 user.. when my client opens the display control panel it is set on 250% (it recommends). If we change to 100% all writing on the screen becomes very small. I guess this is NOT what you meant. And... it didn't help either. The problem remained. I was hoping that that was the problem, do you have other ideas or was i setting the wrong "100% parameter"?

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                              I tested FMPA15 on Windows 10 Home Edition and I did not have any issues.   My test device is an older Samsung notebook that had Windows 8 Home which I upgraded to Windows 10 Home.


                              The recommend scale for my notebook is 125% and the resolution is 1920x1080.    I know some the newer computers have higher resolution displays, which may be the issue.


                              Verify that the computer has newest up to date version of the video driver.

                              You might also try a lower Resolution and smaller scale setting.


                              I recommend using the professional version of Windows.   

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                                Couple of questions:

                                1. Can you disable the Hardware Acceleration on the problem machine?

                                2. Is that machine connected to any external or multiple monitors?

                                3. Have the drivers for the video card been updated?

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                                  You were testing the correct settings. If you go over to report an issue, you'll find quite a few posts recommending that you stick with 100% and yes, this can make your screen unusable on some machines.

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                                    You can turn off High DPI scaling for just one application.  That way not all of windows will be effected.  Then either adjust the zoom level in FileMaker or adjust the layouts to accommodate.  It's still not ideal, but may work in your case.



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