Sort on server 14 very slow when first loading then lightning after that

Discussion created by wpbernardi on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by carlsson

I have a database for service calls on server which has some 13000 records with some related tables. it runs on an exclusive mac mini with server 14 installed and nothing else. very few users - less than 5


I use a startup script to open the db and load all records and get to a list layout initialize variables etc all of which is done in a few seconds - the records are unsorted (the appear in order of creation).


I also have several buttons that find and sort various subsets of services all records. One button is FIND ALL RECORDS which loads in seconds also.


If I then click a button to toggle SORT by creation date (ascending or descending)  IT IS PAINFULLY SLOW about a minute. even when I am the only user on the network.


AFTER that sort is done I can resort on the same field in the same layout all 13000 records and it is lightning fast (less than a second)


WHAT GIVES - I have tried every trick i can find - switch to layout with only the key field and the creation date. I have indexing turned on for both fields. i have eliminated unstirred fields from layout.


any ideas - I guess we can just add a minute to the startup but I am concerned that something else is wrong.


any ideas?