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Calculation with other record dependencies

Question asked by tomperr on Jun 20, 2016
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How would I create a calculation with date dependencies on other records within the same table.  Calculation would be in ex: field cActual Date

Example Fields:

Phase / Orig Date / InputStart Date / cActual Date


Example Record Scenario:

Phase          orig Date          InputStart Date          cActual Date                  

Phase 1          6/1/16               (empty)                    6/1/16

Phase 2          6/5/16               6/15/16                    6/15/16

Phase 3        6/10/16                (empty)                   6/16/16


The concept is to have preset dates for "orig Date" field.  "InputStart Date" field will be an input by user if the orig Date should change.

Phase 2 will be based on # days beyond Phase 1 "cActualDate".  Phase 3 is dependent on resulting 1 day after Phase 2 "cActual Date" field.

Dependencies of phases will not always be consecutive ie: Phase 2 to 1 and Phase 3 to 2.  Example, Phase 10 could be dependent on date in Phase 2.


Hope this makes sense.