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Idle time, saving, & Dropbox

Question asked by fmchris on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by gdurniak

All my FileMaker 10 databases are in the Dropbox folder on my Mac. I've noticed (for years) that my database isn't being regularly saved (i.e. the Dropbox menu icon isn't showing activity). But when I close the database, THEN - and only then - the Dropbox icon shows it's uploading the changes. This makes me nervous.


I thought it was a failure to understand "idle time" on my part. However I've discovered here that idle time is pretty much any time from the FMP p.o.v. - only dialogue boxes, the actual performing of sorts and finds, active script steps, are NOT idle time. Even typing can be idle time.


Therefore, the Dropbox icon should be showing constant activity whenever I make a change like adding records, changing data, etc. But it's not. Not until I close the database. And that's what makes me nervous - why aren't my databases being saved regularly? Or if they are, why don't they get immediately uploaded to Dropbox?


Please note - these databases are NOT ONLINE when I open them - they are in the local Dropbox folder on my Mac, from where the Dropbox app detects changes which then get uploaded. Theoretically.


(Running FMP 10 within 10.6.8 on a 2011 Core i5 iMac.)