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    iOS Version for SDK


      Hi Everyone,


      We are in the process of deploying our first solution to the App store.  The solution is designed to run in either FM Go 14 or Go 15, so the file is set to require version 14 or higher in FM.  We are using the most recent version of the SDK.


      Because FM Go 14 requires iOS 8.1 and FM Go requires iOS 9.0, in Xcode we had set our solution to require iOS 8.1.  Unfortunately in our testing we are unable to get the app to open in iOS 8.1 or iOS 8.4.  The app works great in iOS 9.1 and higher, crashes when attempting to open in the older iOS versions.


      Any suggestions in regards to iOS minimum requirements for the recent SDK?  Because Go 15 requires iOS 9.0 should we require version 15 to open the file in FM and iOS 9.0 in Xcode?


      Thanks in advance,


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          AppStore apps using the SDK do not need a download of FMGo. It is baked in already. I would say building your file in FM15 (requiring a min version of 15 to open) and setting the App to require iOS 9.0+ in Xcode is a decent idea.


          If you want to provide support for iOS 8 and figure out the crashes you can work on that compatibility later, but I do not see many people still using 8 anyway. iOS 10 is coming soon and 8 will really be old by then.

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            You can make a copy of the file and set to require version 15 and use that for your AppStore product.


            FMGo 14 has a minimum requirement of 8.1, but you can still require a minimum of 9.0 in Xcode as FMGo 14 will run on 9.0+.


            Again, I do feel that having any FIAS product running only on 15 minimum is a good idea. This is what I do.

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              Thanks for the input Tom.  We are currently testing a build requiring iOS 9.0 and FM Go 14.


              I'm still curious to know the minimum iOS version required for the most recent version of the SDK?  Will the latest SDK support apps running less than iOS 9.0?  I apologize if this is documented someplace, but at this point we haven't been able to find any specific mention of iOS requirements for the SDK.

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                There is not a lot of documentation on this situation. I think the latest version compiles with FMGo 15 and might technically only support iOS 9.3+.


                I still have a copy of the old iOS SDK but I do not think it is available from the FDS page anymore.


                This might be something the FMI needs to let us know about. TSGal is this something you can get some information on?

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                  Thank you for your posts.


                  iOS App SDK 15 has the same system requirements as FileMaker Go 15.  Specifically, it requires iOS 9.3.  See Knowledge Base Article #9333 for System Requirements for all versions of FileMaker Go:

                  FileMaker Go operating system requirements - all versions | FileMaker


                  "bigtom" is correct (Thank you!).  The initial version of iOS App SDK (14) is no longer available as the newer iOS App SDK 15 will work with any FileMaker Go 14 solution.



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