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    Mouse Roll




      On FM 14 when you rolled in Browse Mode and Form View the mouse scrolled from one record to the next and in List view it scrolled up and down the page.

      In FM 15 it only scrolls up and down the page.


      Any one else finding the same?

      And if yes any check mark box that I can click so it is like FM 14 with FM 15?

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          This was a feature change in FMP 15.  Several users had requested the feature change, and now several user have requested it to go back to the way it was. No there is not a toggle to change the behavior.


          See feature request to vote for it to change back Bring back record scrolling with scroll wheel

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            FYI in case it helps somewhat, when you have the status toolbar displayed in FM15 and use the scroll in the area left of Show All in the record browsing zone of the tool bar you can move from record to record with scroll.


            Not ideal for a solution that hides the toolbar from users.


            I think this is a tough one as I recall they removed this because a large number of people asked to have the feature removed?

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              That still doesn't work for me (Win 7, FMP15A).


              I appreciate that they did it so that FileMaker behaves the same way as it does in OS X, but I can see why having the choice could come in useful in certain situations.

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                This does work in OSX. It is handy.

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                  Blimey - I never knew you could do that - use the scroll wheel to move through records when mouse pointer is over the record navigation area of the toolbar... Learn something new every day :-)


                  I also didn't realise that in v14 on Windows, the scroll wheel would move through records even when pointer was over layout content... That I would find very strange and disconcerting... If I scroll on a window's content , I expect the content to scroll, not for it to be replaced with other record data... However, it would be a nice option to have if it did that whilst shift key or something was pressed at same time...

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                    In Form View on macOS (hovering over the nav area). Not in List View or Table View (hovering over the nav area).


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                      Dear All Thanks for the input.

                      I can see how it is good that they changed it, but for me it is bad. We had implemented a bar like this

                      These green bars separate data. and each bar had a script to it changing from Form to List view and back. So with a simple click you could decide if you want to scroll the record or scroll records

                      Now this will not work with FM 15 any more, and that is really bad.


                      I admire Filemaker how the make things so that old version still work, I program since 1996 on FM and all my old files work since then the same as the did then.


                      Filemaker should not change options which mess up old solutions, the should make changes so you can still have your old way possible.

                      This problem might not effect so many people but what happens they change something that effects many people. One creates solutions to solve problems and when FM cant do it one finds ways to do, that is why FM is a great tool, but if Filemaker changes what worked once to something that does not work then it is a big issue. For me it is, we have a CRM and ERM with 260 tables, 5000 fields, 1200 Scripts, 3000 Relationships and 1026 layouts. Such changes mess up things really massively.

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                        Agreed Steven. It should not have just been removed, but replaced with the option to scroll records or not (user and/or developer choice).



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                          I would like to have the option to scroll through the records.

                          This problem is the reason non of our users want to update to 15.


                          You can vote on bringing it back as an option.

                          turning on scroll wheel navigation as an option

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                            I had posted a link that is title "bring back record scrolling with the mouse wheel".  I'm not the author of any of the post but they may need to be combined or linked.  There should be an option to turn it off or on as Steven_FL suggest.