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Peer to peer sharing on a mac

Question asked by mmorrisonau on Jun 21, 2016
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We have a simple research database (i.e. 10 tables, no external data or tricky relationships) hosted in FM pro (v.14, and fully updated) that I would like to make available to 2-4 iOS devices to enable local data entry in a laboratory environment (i.e. everyone in the same lab space). I have done this easily with other versions going back to 2011 with no problems. I have previously used a mobile router or shared network connection on the mac to enable others to connect. I've followed the troubleshooting guide on the FM website, with no success. I receive the error on FM Go 14 "The File '.fmp12' could not be opened. Either the host is not available or the file is not available on that host". Similar issues with FM Go 15.


FM Sharing is enabled, and the IP address shows up in the filemaker sharing settings, and everyone is on the same network. I have opened ports 5000-5010 on the router and turned off the firewall on the mac for testing. I know peer to peer is not ideal, but we can't justify a server at this point (too costly!). We've also tried this on several non-institutional networks and by creating a network on my mac.  I've enabled all users in settings, and the FMapp extended privileges are enabled for the account I'm using.


Is there anything further I need to  do on the mac to enable peer to peer sharing? For example, I read somewhere that you can somehow open a port on the host machine (as well as the router). I have not been able to find a similar question to this on the forum.


Any advice would be appreciated.