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      Hello I am new at using File Maker Advanced. I need to compile a list of all companies in the database with the total bids they've submitted, the total bids they've won and the total $$ amount combined from those total bids won.


      I've read the help that File Maker has but i am just confused. I understand i can create and edit a layout i just don't know how to get these fields i need and how to make them work.


      If anyone could help me within the next few hours you would be saving the day!!!


      Thank you so much!




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          grab the filemaker training series and work through the lessons

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            It's difficult to know how to help without more information.  What you are asking for (probably) isn't too difficult, but because every solution is unique, we just don't know enough about your specific solution to be able to offer meaningful advice.  If you can provide more information, this forum can be a great place for friendly advice.


            Since time seems to be of the essence, my recommendations would be to see if you can find someone within your organization that knows FileMaker.  Failing that, you should look for the person or company that developed the FileMaker solution.  Otherwise you will need to hire a consultant - which will be pretty hard to do on such short notice.

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              what kind of information should i provide for you to help you understand?? The person who had all the knowledge on this is no longer with the company.


              for example: i can use the top 100 contractors to help find the top 100 by selecting through the state and seeing the company, total bids, total won and the total amount from all the wins.. but i need a layout that shows me ALL companies we have in the database with the same -- total bids, total bids won and the total amount from wins

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                need to know where the data that your looking for is in the schema ( tables ) ...

                Do you have a companies table?

                Do you have a bids table?

                if yes how are bids and companies related?

                Where are bids and amounts recorded and what identifies a bid as won or not?


                Sounds like you go thrown to the wolves and you may wanto to think about hiring a contractor/coach until you get up to speed with FM and the solution.

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                  All i know is when i select the layout : bridge table view  it shows me array of fields. ContractID . state . website . contract number . bidID . Contractor ID . Bid info, amount . bid won . companies . new contractor and description


                  i got to the point where i could make a layout .. i just don't know to get the specific fields i need

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                    You need to read up on the basic of creating a layout and adding fields. What version are you using?  Is there one table with all the fields in the same table.  All of this helps us help you.



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                      There's a slim chance that your "bridge table view" is showing the results of a find.  You MIGHT get the answer you're looking for by choosing "Show All Records".

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                        loritardif wrote:


                        All i know is...

                        Find an FBA member in your area and ask her/him to work with you.  The knowledge you'll gain and the speed with which you gain it will be well worth the cost.

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                          I don't know if this will help you but I am posting a simple example of summarizing the data you are looking for. I used 2 tables since a company may make more that one bid. See if this helps you. I again reiterate what I said and others  that you either need to spend time learning  Filemaker or hire someone. The layout Summary of all bids won is created after you do a find on a field called won in the Table call Bid. Each layout comes from a Table. There are only 2 tables in this demo. If this is helpful to you let me know and I will try to answer your questions creating this file. This is done in FileMaker 15. A script is run when you go to the Summary of bids layout