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Parsing Data Calculation- With Spaces

Question asked by lindseym on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by beverly

The short question: How to parse words with spaces.


The calculation I am using for inspiration is:


Let ( titles = "Mr.¶Miss¶Ms.¶Mrs.¶Dr." ; Case (Position (titles; LeftWords (FullName; 1); 1 ;1); Left ( FullName ; Position ( FullName ; " " ; 1 ; 1 ) ); "" ))




I am looking to parse this data field. I need to always work RIGHT to LEFT


My data field (all Black): Sign Type Change set by LR on 6/17/16 at 4:19:58 PM


RED: There are 10 specific instance that are currently set up, they range from 1 word to 4 words


BLUE: This is always a 2 letter initial that is always after "set by"


Green: This is the date, and will always be formatted this way.




I have no trouble if there is only 1 word for the "title" with no spaces or hyphens (currently I don't have hyphens, but they may happen in the future)


I feel confident I can spend time on extracting the blue/ green once I get the red figured out.. but won't turn away free advice!



See Below for where I got my inspiration calculation:


I've been searching as much as I can, and a good start with this link: Extracting Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name from a field in FileMaker Pro | FileMaker


Especially this section of the above:


Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.56.43 AM.png