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    Cant modify Popover


      I am trying to modify the popovers in Asset starter solution, when I am in the layout mode, I can delete a field and change things around but as soon as I go back to browse mode, the popovers changes go away and it shows the default popover.  I know I am probably missing something really obvious but it does not seem I can figure it out easily. Any help or idea would be appreciated.


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          Are you only having issues with the popovers? Which one in the starter solution? Screentshot of your edits in Layout would help. I am assuming you are saving the changes.

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            There are a lot of popovers in that example file.

            Exactly which one - on which layout - are you working with?

            What did you change?

            Are you sure that the one you modified did not change?

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              I try to change the Asset solution database, the popover I am trying to change is check-in and out items. I am sure the modified I did not change. When I go to layout mode I see my changes but when I go back to browse mode, the changes are gone and back to default. I attached this video, as you can see I change the popovers in check-in and out by deleting and changing colors but for some reason as soon as I go back to browse mode it would back to original color and fields. So in layout mode everything looks good but for some reason they dont get saved.


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                It got resolved. I was not changing the correct popover.