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FMP URL Scheme Multiple installations of Filemaker

Question asked by twelvetens on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by okramis

I'm using some javascript in a webviewer to fire off a script in Filemaker using the FMP URL Scheme. I've set it up so that it will use the correct format of url depending on whether the file is hosted or not.


When I test the solution on local installs, it appears that the remote script call fails if there is more than one copy of Filemaker installed on the machine, for example, if I'm testing the script in Filemaker Pro Advanced v15.x , but I also have Filemaker Pro v14 installed on the machine, then when the script is called, it tries to run under Filemaker Pro, instead of Filemaker Pro Advanced, and then errors out as it can't find the file. I've tried using fmp://$ and fmp://~ variations of the URL scheme. I'm running this on OSX 10.11.x


Is this known behaviour? Can I specify that I want the URL scheme to open up a specific version of Filemaker? I've set FMPAv15 to be the default application for opening all .fmp12 file types, but it doesn't seem to be being acknowledged?....


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