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Dependency on other records thru join table

Question asked by tomperr on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by user19752

I am looking to create a schedule based on other records thru a join table, but cant seem to populate dependencies.

Ex: Scheduled Events are dependent on each other.

Event01= start date

Event02=occurs 1 day after Event01 and lasts 5 days

Event03=occurs the same day as Event02 ends and lasts 2 days

Event04=occurs 3 days after Event01 and lasts 10 days


There would be an open input field for the start of any event that overrides the original start date.  This will change all dependencies down stream.

Wondering if anyone knows how to set this up, as I assume a join table is in order.  Just haven't been successful in making this work.