Error 100 (File not Found) when importing records in a hosted file

Discussion created by ibrahim_bittar on Jun 22, 2016
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Hi everybody


I've had this issue with the last two setups I've done:


.- OS: El Capitan.

.- FMS: 14.0.4 (with and without the "b" patch).

.- FMP: 14 (latest update).


If I perform a script that contains a "Import Records..." step it returns an error of type 100 (File not Found) and doesn't import anything. If I run the very same script in the same file but opened directly (without FileMaker Server) it works as expected.


I disabled error capture to see what happens and I get an error saying something like "File 09286742982909999999.fck could not be written in the temporary folder".


I think it has to do with System Integrity Protection because in my Yosemite server this doesn't happen, however, I find strange not to see more posts like mine.


Is there anyone else with this problem?, any suggestion?.


Best regards