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    Filemaker Server machine keeps disconnecting clients


      My Filemaker Server 14 machine, running Mac El Capitan 10.11.3, frequently disconnects clients on the local network. The Console shows, in  system.log, repeatedly:

      fmserverd[308]: LaunchServices: Database mapping failed with result -10822, retrying

      fmserverd[308]: LaunchServices: received XPC_ERROR_CONNECTION_INTERRUPTED trying to map database


      This started soon after the computer woke at 5:30 in the morning and right after it did a Time Machine backup. I restart the machine and same process re-occurs.


      The Filemaker logs do not report the problem. They only show that the client got disconnected.


      I web searched on this error message and saw that some people reporting it were having problems with Spotlight indexing and got that message.

      I think the error may be connected to the Launch Services system. I cleared that database (using Onyx). It did not help.


      Has anyone else seen this problem or know of a solution?


      Gary Sprung