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Options for dedicated, fast, reliable, WebDirect hosting

Question asked by nrobinson on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by mikebeargie

Hey all,


My company has a fairly simple survey process that runs through Filemaker that we would like to host on WebDirect for our clients to use.


We are looking for a webDirect hosting company that will work as close to as reliable and fast as when we run WebDirect from our local FM Server.


I have tried a couple Hosting Companies and found that the speed is bad, the death wheel comes up and kicks the user back to the login, and also the WebDirect server I use is shared by many others.  We are trying to look as professional as possible and mimic a full web app as much as possible.  This is for use with our clients, who are Seafood industry folks.  I do not have enough web programming experience to go the PHP rout and time is a factor so WebDirect is the best option.


If anyone could provide me with a great provider of fast reliable dedicated WebDirect service, please let me know.


Thanks FM Community,


Nat Robinson


Santa Cruz, CA


P.S.  I used to blame the WebDirect technology until I ran the same solution via WebDirect on our local server and it worked like a dream.