Creating an app with FMPA15

Discussion created by rickaltman on Jun 22, 2016
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I have been reading a lot about app creation with FileMaker and am wondering if I should consider it for our annual conference of 200 patrons. Currently, FMPA feeds quite a bit of data to our app-building platform (www.appmachine.com), and I pay a nominal fee to be able to design, build, and deploy the app to both App and Play stores. This has worked pretty well, except the platform is deep, complex, and there is minimal support.


Given that most of the data comes from my FileMaker database, can I build my app with it, too? I'd be comfortable designing the interface, but I am unsure about deployment:


  • Do I need FileMaker Server (which I do not have)?
  • Can I design something with FMPA15 and actually get it into the stores?
  • Can I create a community module, whereby our patrons update their own profiles?
  • Will reminders and announcements integrate with the Notification component of users' phones?


Thanks in advance for any insight provided.



Rick A.

Pleasanton CA