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    EFT and Filemaker


      Hello All,


             Does anyone know if Electronic Funds Transfers can be initiated from within FileMaker? I currently pay my people by cheque and this is completely automated in FM. I'm considering moving to electronic payments and want it to be equally automated. I'm guessing EFT data files are sent to the bank via FTP but I'm not sure.

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          I'd assume you'd want to look into a system like Elavon/Converge that supports EBT/EFT as one of it's payment options.


          Usually for any type of payments though, you are not initiating the payment itself from filemaker, but rather using a plugin or API webhook to process a payment through a merchant gateway.


          You might want to call 360works to see if their plastic2 plugin supports EBT charges through any of their multiple supported gateways.


          I know APIs like Stripe and Braintree are credit card processing only, so you'll most likely need to go to a more advanced gateway like Authorize.net.

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