Sorting Valuelist by 2nd field loses values SOLVED

Discussion created by alext on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by alext

I have a simple valuelist for Products which I use on an invoicing solution.  The valuelist, fed by a table called "ITEMS" is set to display the "id_items_pk" field from the ITEMS table.  When used on my invoice layout the valuelist works correctly, that is, it displays a list containing all id_items_pk values.  When I then select a 2nd field ("itemName") to be displayed within the valuelist dialog, the valuelist still displays all values.  The issue is when I then choose "sort by 2nd field" so that the products list is alphabetical by product name rather than sorted by pk value, not all values appear in the list.


The missing values seem to be arbitrary, though I changed the itemName field of some of the values that appear & this made the value disappear from the list.


There is no relationship set from the context of the valuelist, both fields are from a single occurrence of a table & is not filtered in another way.


I'm convinced this is a bug but perhaps I'm missing something silly.  Ideas?


Client: FMP15, FMP15 Advanced (OS X)

Server: FMP Server 15 (Windows)