FMS15 admin console says InCommon SSL cert not supported

Discussion created by studietz on Jun 22, 2016
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Product and version: FileMaker Server

OS and version: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

Hardware: n/a


Description: I installed FileMaker Server 15 and requested/installed an InCommon SSL certificate (newly supported in FMS15) using the new Admin Console UI. The certificate import process worked without issue: I imported both the certificate file (format: X509 Certificate only, Base64 encoded) and the intermediate certificate file (format: X509 Intermediates/root only, Base64 encoded) as instructed at List of supported SSL certificate types and vendors for FileMaker platform. I then restarted FMS to put the certificate into play. Upon doing this, the Admin Console > Database Server pane > Security Tab displays the following error: "Warning: The custom SSL certificate installed on this server does not originate from a Certificate Authority (CA) supported by FileMaker. FileMaker Go cannot be used to connect securely with this certificate." However, I get the green lock when connecting to the server with FMPA15, FMGo15, and WebDirect. So, it appears this language is incorrect and that certificate is supported, especially given the green lock with FileMaker Go. I've attached screenshots of the admin console error message, as well as FMPA and FMGo screens displaying the green locks.


How to replicate: n/a

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