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Updating ESS shadow tables

Question asked by RafaelCaballe on Jun 23, 2016
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I'm working on a solution that needs to gather some information from a MS SQL database. I have set up the proper driver on FMS, defined de DSN and get the shadow table in the Relationship Graph. The MS SQL table is very straight forward: a single record with 10 fields which contain numeric values that are updated every second. The numeric values are counters which are update by an SCADA system.


From FileMaker I have set up an OnTimer script, to read, every second, the values of the fields in the MS SQL table. The purpose is to show in a layout the current counter value, as information of the manufactured units (that is what the counter means).


The fact is that the ESS table is not updated, as I expected, so I do not get the correct information.


Is there any means to get this ESS shadow table updated?