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FileMaker icon 'broken' when published with Citrix XenApp

Discussion created by Andy Hibbs on Jun 23, 2016
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Just wondered whether anyone else has published either FMP or FMPA v15 on Citrix XenApp? We've now published it on 3 separate servers running XenApp 6.5 using the latest versions of Receiver on Macs and Windows, mostly launching through Chrome, Accessing the software on all 3 servers, the FileMaker 15 icon appears to have been split down the middle and then swapped around as per the attached 'XenApp Icons.jpg' screen shot.


We've not seen this on v13 or v14 and some servers have all 3 FM versions published alongside each other (until the older ones are phased out), with the older icons looking fine, but to date we've not seen an intact v15 icon. The process for publishing is the same for all versions and the standard icon is selected, with the published name having '15' added so as to be able to distinguish between the versions.


Bypassing a browser, the icon is also broken if adding an account directly within Citrix Receiver on both Macs and Windows as per the second screen shot 'Receiver Icon.jpg' attached. Interestingly, in Receiver for iPad the icon is broken, but appears OK in Receiver for iPhone.


Running v15 on Microsoft RemoteApp looks fine and v15 seems to run OK in Citrix Receiver, but presenting the software to users looking this way does not build confidence.