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If Statement Between Two Repeating Lists

Question asked by clarapippa on Jun 23, 2016
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Some Background/Introduction...


Hello! I am an exceptionally novice level FM user. I started my current position a few months ago and went from a company where I was the Excel Guru to a company that exclusively uses FileMaker Pro. Eep. So now that I'm comfortable with my work I've started poking around in the program and have a desire to make the following happen but am a loss within my limited resources... (I often come by this site to peruse for solutions, so I thought why not poke my head in for real!)


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I have two repeating lists... one is a list of Individuals (Names, Emails, etc). The second is strictly a list of e-mails. These two are not related within the database other than literally being on the same layout. The second list is literally just so I can send invoices to a set list of people at the customer's company, some of which are not listed in the Individuals list because they are generic emails (like


What I've been scratching my head about is being able to look at the first e-mail on the Invoice Recipients list, see if they are anywhere on the Individuals list, and if they are grab their Name and plop that into the body of the e-mail. It was easy enough to get this to work when the recipient and the Individual were the only names (or the first names) on both lists, obviously. That was just an IF statement. But grabbing a name that might be buried 8 records down the Individuals list... that's got me stumped.


I literally have nothing right now other than the simple IF statement that can grab what I need if it's a 1-to-1 search...


IF ( Individuals::Email = Recipient::Email ; Individuals::Name ; "X" )


Thank You in advance!