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    FM14 - Can not download/export .pdf to webdirect client




      we have a FMS14/FMPA14 application running on Windows2012R2 server in a datacenter.
      The FMPA application generates .pdf reports on the server, which we can download without any problem to webdirect clients.


      Now we copied the configuration to a local Windows2012 R2 server.
      There we use a trial version of Filemaker Server 14.

      All (windows) firewalls are de-activated.

      But, whatever we try, the export/download dialog on the same webdirect clients block at the point where it says: files are ready for download.
      Type of browser makes no difference: this occurs in IE11 and in Microsoft Edge.

      Does anybody know what might cause this blockade or how we can solve this problem?

      Is this export / option Filemaker Server trials