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Filtering within an executed search?

Question asked by RolandGomez on Jun 23, 2016
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     I'm stumped. Ok, again, I work for a real estate appraisal firm where our clients are lenders(bank of america, jpmorgan chase, comerica bank, etc). These lenders will need appraisals for a real estate loan and so what they do is ask a group of appraisers to submit a bid amount for an appraisal they need. On our end we track the number of bids we submit throughout the year for all of our clients. It tells us a few things like if we are over bidding or under bidding. I've done some pretty fancy things that demonstrate each client throughout the years, how many bids, totals of these bids...throughout the years and months...pretty cool because you can see the ebbs and flows of their needs. Anyways. The boss has never been really happy with the layout of the reports and finally he's been able to convey exactly what he wants. Problem. I'm not sure how to make this happen.


He would like to search an entire year and then be able to see the first three months, six months, nine months, and the entire year for a specific client. So in my head I need to be able to filter 1)the number of bids from 2) each client 3) into these time periods. Is this possible in one report?

Bid Report.png

Thanks everyone.