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      Good Morning,


      I have a script right now that fills in a box


      If ( actual age > 69 ; 1 ; 0 )


      so I would like a check put in a box.  I currently have the box filling in.

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          Well, I don't know what you mean by "filling in", but you can easily use a checkmark


          1) Create a value list that has "1" as its only value.

          2) Display the field using a checkbox set and choose "Check" as the icon:







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            My script / calculation / custom function doesnt do stuff but i want it to do stuff... can you help?

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              You don't need a script for that.


              Create a new field: IsOver69. Set it up as a Calculation field and enter your formula in the calculation area. Whenever an actual age is over 69, then the field will have a value of 1.


              Set up things the way Mike_Mitchell outlined. Then you'll automatically get a check mark in the box whenever someone is over 69.

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                If you don't need to do finds on the 69 condition and a visual clue is enough, you can simply use conditional formatting to turn the person's name to grey instead of black if age > 69.


                The information will reach the user faster than having to eyeball the 69 situation.


                No pun intended.

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                  I got the check mark to work!  thanks all for your help!


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