Clipboard copy script steps fails

Discussion created by jrenfrew Expert on Jun 24, 2016
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FMPA15, OSX 10.11


I am using the Dracoventions SQL plugin for a customer and noticed some very strange behaviour with pasting script steps..


If a SetVariable step contains the following >>

epSQLExecute( $SQLinsert ; "useSQLResult=Yes" ; $userID ; $taskFile ;

$taskTable ; $taskRecord ; $taskArea ; $taskTitle ; $taskDescription




"Options": rowSeparator='\   l', columnSeparator='   @',

waitForIdle=No|Yes. In FileMaker 11 or later you may include

fileName=[current file], useSQLResult=No|Yes, and ? characters in the

SQL statement that are replaced starting with the third parameter.


the paste will paste a BLANK SetVariable step and NOTHING after that point.

If you remove all the commented section is works fine.


Chris has confirmed this is reproducible behaviour in FMP14 and 15, but also when the plugins are disabled.


I have tested looking at the clipboard with ScriptMaster functions and Clip Manager 5, and with anything after the main function parameters it is failing to copy the data to the clipboard at all