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FileMaker Go 15: JavaScript in WebViewer not working anymore

Question asked by ric_cosa on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by sfpx

I have a procedure using a WebViewer that runs some Javascript (one sends a JSON to Firebase, another one gets the JSON, parses it and save it to FileMaker).

All that used to work flawlessly in Go and Pro, but now it doesn't work anymore in Go 15.

Basically, I get the HTML with all the JavaScript code, I replace some placeholder with stuff like data, names of callback script etc, then I use SET WEB VIEWER and...nothing.

No JSON received by Firebase and no callback script is called.

If I perform the same action on Go 14 on the same device, the action is completed and the callback script is called.

Did something change in the way FileMaker handles http requests or something related to them?