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    Are calculation dependencies possible


      Cant seem to move from this issue.  Is it possible to create dependency's on other tables that automatically change dates?

      I am trying to create a very simple schedule which contains a start date field in on the parent side for a particular project.

      That date would trigger the 1st phase, call it "design" to populate a start date on the child side always 1 day after the start.  This would last 5 days to provide an end date.  The end date of design would trigger the start date for the 2nd phase being "build" which would start 2 days after phase 1.  This would last 10 days.  The caveat is that if 1 phase does not start at the trigger, there would be a field for inputting a date.  For example, if phase 2, "build" actually started 10 days later. 

      The idea is to build a project schedule with phase dependencies.

      Any ideas?  Examples would be great since I am a very green to FM.